Wednesday, 24 July 2013

No To Child Marriage!

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More actresses are speaking out against the child marriage bill. Today actress Monalisa Chinda voices out her mind via her twitter @monalisacode


  1. Monalisa Chinda ‏@Monalisacode22h
    While we cant stop anyone from practicing their religion, we must learn to live together to enhance progress and national development
  2. Monalisa Chinda ‏@Monalisacode22h
    Meanwhile these people are supposed to be LEADERS meant to see ahead of their followers, meant to uphold peace and unity
  3. Monalisa Chinda ‏@Monalisacode22h
    Else someone please make me understand why a bill supported by 99% northerners be made to affects innocent girls across the entire nation?!
  4. Monalisa Chinda ‏@Monalisacode22h
    Or is this a calculated move to finally divide the north and south?
  5. Monalisa Chinda ‏@Monalisacode22h
    No religion, either Moslem, Christian or otherwise, should impose its laws on anyone unless we’re trying to stir up major crisis
  6. Monalisa Chinda ‏@Monalisacode22h
    Why should the laws of the northern Moslems, or Moslems from anywhere, be imposed on the whole country?


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